Nouvelle publication : The European military helicopter industry: Trends and perspectives

Nouvelle publication de Josselin Droff dans la revue The Economics of Peace & Security Journal, vol 12, No 1 (2017).

The European military helicopter industry: Trends and perspectives

Josselin Droff


This article discusses the European military helicopter market. It first recalls historical antecedents in the structural development of the main helicopter programs that helped to consolidate the industry and then reviews the industry’s current major trends. A paradoxical situation is identified: While European countries presently are able to cope with both, the growing needs in helicopter capabilities and the maintenance of ageing fleets, no large helicopter programs for the future have been launched. Some uncertainties regarding how future helicopter procurement will be organized are identified. The current situation underlines the challenges that European states will face to maintain both industrial skills in the industry and sovereignty in military helicopter capabilities. A number of industry options are discussed: more exports, more cooperation, more dual use, and more reliance on support and service sales.